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BPC 10 on SAP HANA: How Speed Unlocks Innovation at CareFusion Video Blog


At the Controlling 2014 conference keynote address, Michael DeLeo, Director of Cost Accounting for CareFusion, presented a keynote address on BPC 10 on SAP HANA: How Speed Unlocks Innovation at CareFusion. Michael addressed the following topics:

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Controlling 2015 Speaker Profile: Kay Reisenauer, Consolut

Kay Reisenauer Controlling 2015 SpeakerToday, we are profiling Controlling 2015 speaker Kay Reisenauer. Kay Reisenauer is a Senior SAP Consultant at consolut, an international SAP consulting company, and has more than 7 years of SAP experience. After several successful SAP implementations in Europe and North America, Kay has expert insight and knowledge of SAP Controlling, Project Systems, and Business Intelligence. He is also an expert in SAP Security Management and regularly provides SAP training. He recently moved from Germany to the United States and is currently working on establishing consolut International LLC in the North American market. Learn more about Kay. 

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Dive into SAP FI/CO with popular speaker Paul Ovigele at Controlling 2015

Paul Ovigele Controlling 2015Popular SAP Controlling speaker Paul Ovigele will present several sessions at Controlling 2015. Based on feedback from Controlling 2014, Paul has developed sessions on the topics attendees want to learn more about. Paul will present sessions on:

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Five Expert Tips and Tricks for SAP Controlling and Financials Webinar Recording and Slides

Paul Ovigele Controlling 2015On Friday, March 13 Paul Ovigele presented a webinar on Five Expert Tips and Tricks for SAP Controlling and Financials. 

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Controlling 2015 Speaker Profile: Marjorie Wright of SimplyFI-CO, LLC

Marjorie Wright Controlling 2015 SpeakerToday, we are profiling Controlling 2015 speaker Marjorie Wright. Marjorie Wright is the founder of SimplyFI-CO, LLC: a boutique SAP training consulting company. She is an accomplished subject matter expert in SAP ERP business process and customizing and is a highly respected education consultant in the components of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, and Financial Supply Chain Management. 

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Controlling 2014 Plenary Session Recording: SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA – Moving controlling and finance closer together

b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC_8182_Resized.jpgNew users have traditionally struggled to understand the way SAP separates Financial Accounting and Management Accounting where most legacy systems see the two as one. While it’s easy enough to understand how a payroll account flows from the profit and loss statement into cost center accounting because the account information stays the same, the situation becomes more challenging as a revenue account flows into profitability analysis and is transformed into a value field, or a cost of goods sold account becomes multiple value fields depending on the cost components involved. In its latest product release, SAP is bringing the two worlds closer together.

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Book Excerpt Practical Guide to SAP CO-PC (Product Cost Controlling) - Make to Stock Cost Flow


In the make-to-stock production process, production or process orders are the manufacturing order types that collect costs during production. Materials are produced based on a set production plan using MRP (material requirements planning), and not based on actual customer demand.

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Video Blog: Enhancement Packages 5 & 6 – Where to find the business functions that matter for Controllers

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3675.jpgWhen SAP introduced the concept of enhancement packages and packaged functionality in business functions, administrators were relieved that they would not have to test everything when they upgraded. However, it made some business functions difficult to locate.

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Free Book Excerpt: Introduction to Reconciling SAP COPA to the General Ledger


You may wonder why I am writing a book on such a specific topic. I initially had similar thoughts myself and wondered if the topic of CO-PA and general ledger reconciliation necessitated a whole book. However, I have found that this topic comes up time and time again with my clients and believe that it is important to provide information in a detailed manner to help businesses effectively deal with the reconciliation of CO-PA to the general ledger.

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Book Excerpt: Introduction to Configuration from The Essential SAP Career Guide

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3683.jpgOne of the major tasks for functional SAP professionals is configuration. You configure SAP to perform properly based on business requirements during the realization phase. On your first SAP project, it can be overwhelming to know where to start when configuring a module.

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