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SAP Templates Frequently Asked Questions

JulienBlogSAP templates are often perceved to be overly complex. We would like to dispel that myth. Let's dive into some frequently asked questions when it comes to templates. 

FAQ 1: Do templates work for repetitive manufacturing?

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Yes, they do. For those of you not familiar with repetitive manufacturing, here is an example. One of our customers was bottling, so they have millions of bottles running through and you don't really want to calculate the cost of each individual one, they are all the same, right? You can use the product cost selector and then there's a special template environment for the product cost collector. This is especially useful for the cost of setup or the cost of quality checks.

FAQ 2: Is it correct to say that we do not need to input actual quantity while using templates? Like how we do in the case of KB31N statistical key figures?

Yes, that's correct. You don't have to, it's an opportunity. You could use either/or, and you have a different way of working between plan and actual. You could use whatever you want. You could use statistical key figures, for instance, number of FTEs is a very frequent one, or square footage, you could also use that, that's very useful. You could also use the logistics information system which is like a database like COPA, and you could collect information there and it's really up to you. You might want to still stick to some plan. 

Looking for more information on SAP templates? Watch this webcast Introduction to SAP Templates presented by Julien Delvat. Watch the recording to discover how to leverage your company’s standard SAP CO templates. Attendees will:

  • Understand the limitations of traditional costing methods
  • Discover business processes
  • Perform driver-based planning for cost center/activity types and business processes
  • Allocate actual costs with operational KPIs
  • Benefit from best practices in CO template setup and maintenance


Presenter Julien Delvat Julien Delvat is a Principal Consultant SAP S/4HANA at Bluefin Solutions. He has more than 10 years of experience in SAP Controlling and got his start as a developer for CO maintenance and development at SAP Labs France. Julien is a frequent speaker at SAP conferences and is the Chair of the ASUG Managerial Accounting Special Interest Group. He lives in Miami, FL with his wife and two children. Stay tuned for upcoming annoucements on Julien's Controlling 2017 conference presentation.



2021 | Controlling Conference
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