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Book Excerpt: Introduction to Configuration from The Essential SAP Career Guide

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3683.jpgOne of the major tasks for functional SAP professionals is configuration. You configure SAP to perform properly based on business requirements during the realization phase. On your first SAP project, it can be overwhelming to know where to start when configuring a module.

Some configuration is cross-functional so there are often multiple ways to navigate to a piece of configuration. With a few hints and tips, you can easily understand how to configure the system for the first time.

Configuration is one of the key activities in preparing a SAP system for end-users. The standard SAP system will not meet all business requirements identified in the blueprinting stage. Standard configuration can be thought of as the most common changes and preparations for the system which the system is technically prepared for. Any additional changes to the system beyond what is allowed are called customizations. 

The distinction between standard and custom functionality is important. Standard configuration does not require development work since the system 'out of the box' allows these changes. Custom changes require functional specifications which outline the functional requirements, technical specifications which indicate the detailed technical design, programming, testing and end user training. 

Excerpt From:

The Essential SAP Career Guide - A beginner's guide to SAP careers for students and professionals by Tanya Duncan

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