Cost Allocation within the Overhead Cost Controlling module enables business users to periodically allocate posted amounts and quantities from sender cost objects to receiver cost objects based on a cycle structure. Some challenges exist with the current ECC functionality, such as the ability of users to easily understand their allocation processes and the ability to simulate the results from allocations. Also, several other modules, such as General Ledger, Profit Center Account, and Profitability Analysis, also contain allocation functionality, but it is difficult to keep track of all the allocations, as they are not stored in the same area of the system. In SAP S/4HANA 1809, Universal Allocations were introduced to handle most of these issues and provide new functionality.

Attend this comprehensive session to:

  • Learn the challenges of current CO Allocations
  • Discover the features of Universal Allocations
  • Explore which Fiori Apps are used for Universal Allocations
  • Learn about managing and executing Universal Allocations
  • Learn about the changes to Universal Allocation in S/4HANA 2022